Horacio Lorente is an independent Art Director working & living in Argentina. For almost a decade he has been working on architecture, art, culture and commerce projects, from branding to signage systems. His ability and love for simplicity can be seen in every aspect of his work. He continues to challenge himself by exploring the boundaries of user experience and digital design.


In 2010 he was selected by Computers Arts Magazine (UK) as one of the top ten talents from Argentina.


He’s always looking for new challenges and to work with new people from different backgrounds. If you think you got the right project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

On Design

I believe that the only way to produce a positive impact in the world through design, is by providing thoughtful solutions to problems. Design should be smart, simple and available to everyone. Every time that I find myself in front of a new project, I try to understand the context in which that design will live. As a designer I’m not just a shaper of a message. I understand my responsibility as a professional. I’m the visual shaper of a culture and I believe that every step should be forward.

Design is a form of education that needs to be alive in a society. Needs to be shared. Needs to be embraced. Design is not only graphic content. Design is how we think, how we live, how we understand the world, and how we can make it better.


I try to embrace that notion, every single day.


I’m currently looking for opportunities to work with awesome

people in other places (US / UK / Australia / New Zealand).

If you think I’m a good fit for your studio, get in touch!


I’m willing to relocate, starting 2016.


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