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Hacia el último confín de la tierra

I was having a chat with my friend Facundo Santana during a little vacation trip to my hometown in January 2014, about the possibility to help him with a project. It was a quick shooting with Ignacio Boreal, a fellow musician who was in the process of finishing his live album. Since there was no artwork produced yet, I step in very naturally to help him with the task. We began the conversation looking quickly through a few references of what we wanted to show, and the general look and feel we wanted to create for this object.


The album consist in eight tracks, and every one of these tracks recalls a story based on a book written by Lucas Bridges – El último confín de la tierra – about the history of Tierra del Fuego.

It was clear that it was a very personal record about our own land. It was some kind of a musical history book.


We had a very tight time schedule so we made a one day road trip around the island of Tierra del Fuego, trying to catch the natural landscape the best we could. We ended up in this beautiful journey across the land.


Packaging case design with mini booklet & DVD.

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Art Direction


Facundo Santana

Ignacio Boreal