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Hyoo (*hue) is a concept app based on the concept of colour theory and the interaction with music. Is well known that human emotions and mood can be represented with colours. The same thing happens with sound. We feel the world around us through our own experience. We make connections. A warm orange sunset. A cold grey afternoon. An acoustic country blues played on a road ride can make us feel melancholic. A blue-purple tone tint the road.

A disco track fill us with joy and happiness. Yellow & red sparks bloom around us. It’s time to dance. Hyoo can set a colour range for any music style that is played, but at the same time it collects information associated to albums and songs, based on tags, reviews and comments from social networks and music sites. The more people share their mood, the more we can experience, feel & discover music.


*Motion design by nilo studio

Art Direction
UI design

Graphic Design